Tuesday, 13 June 2017


I have never heard of the brand Eve Lom until I received the Eve Lom - The Radiant Ritual package for my birthday a month ago. For a while I was looking for a new moisturizer and a cleanser, because I wanted a change and I was kind of over my everyday The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer cream.  When it comes to getting a new moisturizer  I don't even know where to start, because I'm always worried that a new moisturizer cream will give me a rash or the next day I will wake up with so many pimples on my face. There are so many brands out there, where do you even start, do you go for a drugstore moisturizer cream or a very high end one? That was my dilemma, but I'm glad I received this cute high end Eve Lom package, let me tell you, its actually really good. 

In the EVE LOM - The Radiant Ritual package you receive:

+ The iconic Cleanser 
+ Full sized Muslin Cloth
+ Kiss Mix
+ Brightening Cream
+ Rescue Mask  

The best selling and iconic cleanser by Eve Lom is described by Vogue Uk as "probably the best cleanser in the world" which goes great with the full sized muslin cloth. The cleanser and the muslin cloth paired together, removes dead skin cells and promotes regeneration of new cells which leave your skin feeling smoother and softer. The kiss mix keeps the lips moisturised and protected during the summer and winds in the winter, super great for sore and chapped lips. The brightening cream is a intense gel cream to reverse the look of pigmentation and also to brighten up the complexion. The Rescue mask is great for congested skin and helps to boost the complexion and leaves the skin looking completely healthy and radiant.  

I could honestly say that the Eve Lom cleanser and brighting cream would have to be my favourites from the the radiant ritual package! It honestly makes your complexion feel way softer and smoother and it also brighten my skin. I am glad that I've found myself a new moisturiser and cleanser and also a new mask too! 

Have you ever tried any products from EVE LOM?



  1. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. These look great! I'll have to try them out soon!
    Adi xx

  3. I haven't tried anything by Eve Lom yet but these look great, I am going to have to do some shopping!

    Danielle xx

  4. Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore Eve Lom products - they're so kind and luxurious on the skin! I also love their cleanser, though it's nice to know the brightening cream always gets a thumbs up from you :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  5. I'm probably late to the party but I have never heard of Eve Lom before. The products sound amazing. I have a sensitive and acne prone skin so I am always scared to try new products.

    Her Hive

  6. Skincare is so important, thank you for sharing this. I will try it whenever I get to see it!

    My Vogue Style | www.myvoguestyle.com


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