Wednesday, 2 March 2016


I always look forward to a trip to Lush, I always end up buying so many goodies! Especially when the Unicorn Horn bubble bar become available to purchase, I had to get my hands on it. I love how the bath bombs and bubble bars make bathing so much more magical! Love coming home after univeristy and going straight to the bath, to have a lush bath. Seeing gorgeous rainbow of colours, swirl in the water with millions of bubbles is my favourite part! Here is a list of what I ended up with;

+ Sea Spray Hair Mist 
+ Ocean Salt Facial Scrub 
+ Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
+ Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb 
+ Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
+ Sandstone Soap

I've been loving the ocean salt facial scrub. It has a delightful mix of sea salt, avocado, coconut and lime! If your not used to using scrubs, this might not be for you, due to the chunks are very large and in my option is a bit coarse and rough. The sea spray has always been one of my number one favourite lush products of all times. Love using the hair spray especially in the summer time. The unicorn horn is filled with neroli and lavender essential oils which is really good for relaxation and de- stressing your body. As with all Lush bubble bars, you can crumble it in under running water and then relax and watch the bubbles appear!

Check out my new travel diary video HERE. 

What's your favourite Lush products? What should I try out next? 



  1. I love the sea salt spray too!
    xo, jill

  2. I hardly ever shop in Lush but whenever I walk past it always smells amazing! I'll have to give these a try :) xx

  3. YES ! the ocean salt face scrub is the best!! I love it ,

  4. So many goodies - I really must pick up the ocean salt facial scrub it seems great!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. It's amazing how popular the unicorn horn bath bomb has been, though not surprising because it's such a cute concept and the colours are lovely :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. The photos in this post are stunning! I haven't been to Lush in so long and this haul definitely makes me want to go have a look :) x

  7. Ocean salt is a great product. Other than the huge salt bits, even the 'solution' smoothes skin out amazingly. One thing I would love to try from LUSH is their bath bombs. So late on the bandwagon but it's never too late I guess? Haha x

    Happy Monday Nev.

    Real Life Nerd

  8. That ocean salt scrub seems really good. Ive used some of their scrubs before and I just love them! One of my favorite products from Lush would be the Christmas edition called Fairy Dust, I think? I think its Fairy dust. I used mine up pretty fast xD

    - LS

  9. I ADORE that you did a post on LUSH products... I am SUCH a fan of their face scrubs and masks!! And my daughter loves their bath bombs/soaps!

    I'm a fan of their Face Fresh Masks "Oatifix," "Be Seaweed," and "Cupcake" are my faves thus far!! Also loving the "Let the Good Times Roll" facial cleanser.

    All the Cute
    Today's Post: Chic Neutrals...

  10. Oh my I want to try all these products! I think a lush trip is on the cards x

  11. I've got a lush voucher to spend so I'll have to take a look into these! I can definitely recommend trying their lip sugar scrubs, they are amazing! And very tasty haha.

  12. I got the dragons egg bath bomb the other day! I am soooo looking forward to using it!

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